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HPAT Practice Exam with Solutions and Guide

Our HPAT guide and practice exam with brand new, unseen questions are made by a team of Irish-trained doctors with specialist input for various sections.

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Contents: I. Concise tips and tricks for Section I, II and III  Section I: Logical Reasoning and Problem-Solving     Approaching the 3 main types of questions (abstraction of data, dependencies, graph, multiple graphics, scientific method, pure logic principles, common pitfalls, etc)
  Section II: Interpersonal Understanding     Dealing with words you don’t fully understand, choosing between two similar answers     Unwritten rules, beliefs and assumptions of empathetic behaviour
  Section III: Non-verbal Reasoning     Discussion of the main rules (various types of series)   Tricks to do better in all sections of the HPAT     An unsafe and controversial guide to acing multiple choice questions
II. Full practice exam - with elaborate explanations

Please note  the questions are mostly hard, some are very hard, but all are designe…

Leaving Cert Study and Revision Resources

Created by past students who achieved 625 points or over, so that you don't have to:
1. Waste time doing inefficient study
2. Be upset on Results Day

2018 English revision2019 English revision

Elizabeth Bishop | Eavan Boland | John DonnePaul Durcan | Gerard Manley HopkinsT.S. Eliot | Robert Frost | Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin | John Keats | Philip Larkin | D.H. Lawrence | John Montague | Sylvia Plath | W.B. Yeats | Poetry FAQ

King LearMacbeth Hamlet | The Great Gatsby (Single Text)

Comparative | Cultural Context General Vision and Viewpoint Literary Genre | Theme or Issue A Doll's House | All My Sons | Big Maggie | Children of Men | Citizen Kane | Foster | Juno | I'm Not Scared | Othello | Rear Window | Stop at Nothing: the Lance Armstrong StoryThe Dead | The Great Gatsby (Comparative) | The Fault in Our Stars | The King's SpeechThe Plough and The Stars | The Song of Achilles | Wuthering Heights | 1984 | Quotations

Speech | Short Story | Personal Essay | Descriptive Essay | Grammar | Ask a Straight A1 Student | Predictions | Audio | Video | Timing

Irish revision | HL Irish FAQ | Timing and Answer Length | Aiste | An tSraith Pictiúr | Oisín I dTír na nÓg | An Triail

 Maths revision (all years) | Maths Past Paper Answers

Biology revision (all years) The scientific method |  Ecology | Cell Structure | Digestive System

French revision (all years) | Eighth Amendment | Trump, Brexit, Le Pen | Terrorism | Immigration | Racism | Science | Economy | Education | Subjects | Environment | Addiction | Women's Rights

Physics revision (all years) | Geometrical Optics | Mechanics

Chemistry revision (all years)Trends in the periodic table | Chemical equilibrium | Definitions

2018 and 2019 History revision US and The World | Lyndon Johnson | Northern Ireland | Feminism in Ireland  [Video] Stalin's Show Trials | [Video] Nuremberg Rallies | History Exam Predictions

Economics revision (all years) | Demand | Taxation

Geography | Rock Cycle | Greater Dublin Area | Plate Tectonics

Mental Health and the Leaving Cert | HPAT | Don't know how to decide what to put on your CAO? |Should I use the CAO Change of Mind facility? | Subscribe | Offer your Leaving Cert Notes

"We should all be standing on the shoulders of the people who came before us"
625 Points Leaving Cert Notes and Sample Essays

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leaving cert notes for sale 625 points

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Paul Durcan for Leaving Cert

Paul Durcan: Biographical Detail

Paul Durcan Notes: Nessa

Paul Durcan Notes: Six Nuns Die In Convent Inferno

Paul Durcan Notes: The Girl With The Keys To Pearse's Cottage

Paul Durcan: Suggested Quotations from All Poems

Paul Durcan Sample Answer & Notes: Rich Insights Into Human Experience (€)

D.H. Lawrence

D.H. Lawrence notes on Piano

Suggested quotation from D.H. Lawrence

D.H. Lawrence Full Notes and Sample Answer (€)

Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath: Suggested Quotes from All Poems


Cultural Context

Cultural Context - Big Maggie, The Great Gatsby and Juno for Leaving Cert English

Cultural Context - 984, I’m Not Scared, A Doll's House #625Lab

Comparative - Cultural Context - Sample Essay: The Great Gatsby, All My Sons, The King's Speech

Comparative - Cultural Context - Sample Essay: The Great Gatsby, The Plough and the Stars, The King’s Speech

Comparative - Cultural Context - Sample Essay: Wuthering Heights, The Plough and the Stars, The King’s Speech

Comparative - Cultural Context - I'm not Scared, Wuthering Heights

Comparative - Cultural Context - All My Sons, Foster, Juno

Cultural Context - Wuthering Heights, The Great Gatsby, The Plough and The Starts for Leaving Cert English

Cultural Context - Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story, Macbeth, The Fault in Our Stars for Leaving Cert English

Comparative - Cultural Context

General Vision and Viewpoint

Comparative - General Vision and Viewpoint - Foster, I'm Not Scared, The Plough and the Stars

Comparative - General Vision and Viewpoint - Big Maggie, Foster and I'm Not Scared

Comparative - General Vision and Viewpoint - Sample Essay: Foster, Juno and All My Sons

Comparative - General Vision and Viewpoint - Sample Essay: Citizen Kane, The Dead and Wuthering Heights

Comparative - General Vision and Viewpoint - Sample Essay: Foster, The King's Speech and The Plough and the Stars

Comparative - General Vision and Viewpoint - Wuthering Heights, Hamlet and Rear Window

Comparative - General Vision and Viewpoint - The Fault in Our Stars, Children of Men and 1984

Comparative - General Vision and Viewpoint - Foster and Juno

Literary Genre


Reading Comprehension Sample Answer 2016

Question B article for school magazine: Sam Maguire

Question B article for school magazine: We are what we wear

Question B opinion piece for national newspaper 2017

Descriptive Essays How To

Descriptive Essay: a Variety of Glimpsed Moments

Descriptive Essay: Night Scene

Descriptive Essay: Urban Journey

Descriptive essay / short story about loss

Speech and Talks | Language of Persuasion

Speech Sample Answer: "Celebrity Culture Has Gone Too Far"

Speech Sample Answer: "What seems to be the problem?"

Speech Sample Answer: Leaving Cert Graduation

Speech Sample Answer: Social Media is Dangerous

Article on Scientists and Artists Contributing to Society

Personal Essay: Experience of Dramatic Arts for Leaving Cert English

Personal Essay Sample Answer: Uncertainty (Sexuality)

Personal Essay Sample Answer: Uncertainty (Social Issues)

Personal Essay Sample Answer: Uncertainty (Moving School)

Personal Essay Sample Answer: Everyday Treadmill and Gilded Promises of Life

Personal Essay Sample Answer: Not all problems are physical

Personal Essay Sample Answer: A place you consider beautiful

Personal Essay Sample Answer: Useless Clutter

Personal Essay Sample Answer: Pretence vs Unvarnished Truth

Personal Essay Sample Answer: "The shoes of Irishness fit me well"

Short Story: I couldn't wait to get out of that town

Short Story: A Car Journey

Short Story: The Pain of Saying Goodbye

Short Story Sample Answer to Fit Various Titles

Short Story: “The most dangerous stations are the emptiest”

Short Story: A Secret Revealed

Short Story: Mistaken Identity

Short Story: Young Character Eager to Leave Home

What Makes A Good Story



Leaving Cert English Syllabus

buy leaving cert notes online
leaving cert study revision notes


Opinion Pieces: Tips and Tricks

The Eighth Amendment and Abortion

Absolutely Essential 90 Words on School Subjects

Absolutely Essential 90 Words on Politics, Sexism and Women's Rights

Absolutely Essential 90 Words on Smoking, Addiction, Alcoholism, Drugs, Obesity, Violence

Absolutely Essential 90 Words on Pollution, Environment, Nuclear Energy

Leaving Cert French Notes: Sample Answer on Economy

Leaving Cert French Notes: Sample Answer on Trump, Brexit & Le Pen

Leaving Cert French Notes: Sample Answer Terrorism Opinion Piece

Leaving Cert French Notes: Camping Diary Entry and Vocab

Leaving Cert French Notes: Sample Answer Immigration Opinion Piece and Vocab

Leaving Cert French Notes: Sample Answer Racism Opinion Piece and Vocab

Leaving Cert French Notes: Sample Answer Science Opinion Piece and Vocab

Leaving Cert French Notes: Flaws of the Irish Education System Opinion Piece and Vocab

Complete Guide: H1 Leaving Cert French Notes and Sample Answers (€)


Leaving Cert Physics Predictions 2018

Leaving Cert Physics Notes: Nuclear Fission

Leaving Cert Physics Notes: Sound

Leaving Cert Physics Notes: Geometrical Optics

Complete Guide: H1 Leaving Cert Physics Notes (€)


Leaving Cert Economics Predictions

Leaving Cert Economics Notes: The Government And The Economy - Fiscal Policy

Leaving Cert Economics Notes: Taxation

Leaving Cert Economics Notes: Demand

Complete Guide: H1 Leaving Cert Economics Notes and Sample Answers (€)


Oxidation and Reduction

Collision Theory

Trends in the periodic table

Chemical equilibrium

Chemistry definitions

[Video] Stalin's Show Trials

[Video] Nuremberg Rallies

Complete Guide: H1 Leaving Cert History Notes and Sample Answers 2018 (€)



What to Expect with the New Points System

Repeating the Leaving Cert: Lessons Learnt

Trinity Feasibility Study Success Story

9 Tips for Study Motivation

Should I Be Studying Over the Summer

Why Do So Few Students Get High Grades in English?

Leaving Cert Results, Scripts, Appeals and CAO Offers

Why Your Phone May Sabotage Your Leaving Cert

17 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Was 17

How To Do Well In The Leaving Cert (€)

Vitamins, Supplements and Wellbeing During The Leaving Cert

Leaving Cert Grinds: Do I Need Them?

Motivation: How Important Is the Leaving Cert?

Mindfulness as a Way To Curb Anxiety

9 Tips for Study-related Anxiety

The Night Before Results Day

Academic Competitions for Leaving Cert students

"When someone tells you 'Everything will work out in the end', they really do mean it."

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