Write a personal essay in which you describe a place that you consider beautiful

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Please note that we are apolitical. We just like good essays. This came up on the 2008 paper. This essay is on the short side of the acceptable range, but is still an outstanding H1.

It has been two years since the passing of my granddad, a significant ending in my life, but I remain bruised inside, filled with numbness and emptiness. My soul is still unwilling to acknowledge the finality of his sudden death. I will never get to look upon his face again or feel his embrace, see the warmth in his caring, loving eyes, or be surrounded by his love. Since the day he died a light has been extinguished in my heart. In his uniqueness he carved a role right into my DNA and no matter how hard I could try to remove it, it remains unchanged; not bigger, not louder and never quieter. Images of him lying motionless on his deathbed race through my mind regularly. Melancholy, remorse and respect are evoked in me. I try to cry the sadness off but crying is no good. I try to sleep the memories off but sleeping is no good. I try to clear my head by running but running is no good. The only place I feel secure and connected with my grandfather is the most beautiful place in my life - the Catholic Church.

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The beauty of the Catholic Church has the potential to comfort me. I feel safe there even if I go alone. My mood is transformed once I enter the angelic building. The Catholic Church is like one big container of love, security and grace. The artistry and burning candles give me light; light gives me hope. My hope is that my grandfather is now in heaven with God, loved and warm. The appealing statues of Mary the mother of God and Jesus the son of God looking down on the congregation encourage that they are with me each day of my life. The elegant but worn furniture reveal I am not dreaming; others believe what I believe. Heaven does exist; my grandfather has been comforted. Each part of the church has a symbolic meaning for us Catholics and is designed to make all members of the congregation feel like participants in the Mass rather than just observers.

Moreover, beauty is often distorted and misunderstood as “something that looks nice.” However, I have learned that that statement is untrue. Beauty is very simple. Beauty is happiness. The beauty of the Catholic Church does not end with its looks or with the objects that have been placed there. The charm of the human beings at church can have profound effects on me. The flawless choir transforms my emotions when I am feeling mournful. The parish priest gives spiritual direction in his sermon which helps me when I am feeling confused with religion. He hears confessions that give a sense of forgiveness after a bad day and offers counselling to those vulnerable or in fact, to anyone at all. 

Leaving Cert personal essay place that you consider beautiful

Where would you find a more beautiful scene than the scene of a stunning bride walking up the aisle on the “red carpet “on her wedding day in the Catholic Church? Emotions of pure bliss, delight and joy fill the church, exploding it, almost shattering the stained glass windows. Cries of laughter, enjoyment and glee are shared among different types of families and friends on this special day.

This joy is relived on the day of baptisms marking the beginning of new eras. First Holy Communions, Confirmations bring more delight that is all shared under the one roof of the Catholic Church. The contentment of smiling children sweetly singing their favourite psalms at the altar glare down at their parents in hope of making them proud.

One must recognise the beauty of the word “Catholic.” It means universal. The Catholic Church is more than any one parish church. It is more than a diocese. It is more than just a collective worldwide institution. That is what makes it so special, wonderful and even more beautiful. As a universal church, it is an enticing thing to know that any practicing Catholic can walk into any Roman Catholic Church in the world and know what to expect. Vietnamese, French, German – it doesn’t matter. You still would know what is going on and what part of the mass the priest was at.

Of course everything has its flaws and God, the head of the most beautiful place in my life has his. I can never fathom why he gave me my grandfather, someone so good only to snatch him away again. I know he is safe with God, loved and warm, but I can’t reach him there. But imperfection is beauty. I believe God knows best – he may have given him to me and then took him from me as he felt I was strong enough to live with it. The Catholic Church wouldn’t be so beautiful if he didn’t deserve it to be. Beauty is happiness and without the Catholic Church I wouldn’t be happy. Since the day my grandfather died my heart is in fragments, but this beautiful, powerful, almost magical place has begun to piece them back together. Never lose an opportunity of going to a Catholic Church for the beauty of the Catholic Church is God’s handwriting. 

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