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Literary Genre in The Great Gatsby, All My Sons and I'm Not Scared for Leaving Cert Comparative #625Lab

"Authors can use various techniques to make settings real and engaging." #625Lab
The author took on the challenging literary genre question - and did so quite well! 
I have studied the novel 'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the play 'All my Sons' written by Arthur Miller, and the film 'I'm Not Scared' directed by Gabriele Salvatores. From studying these texts, it is obvious that the authors employ many literary and camera techniques to make their works real and engaging.

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The tool of narration is very powerful in making a story come to life and it is one that is used well in all three texts. 'The Great Gatsby' has the first-person narrator, Nick Carraway. He is an observer of the world but also a participant in it. We see everything as filtered through his account, and so this gives rise to the question of whether we can trust him or not. The use of a first-person narrat…

Paul Durcan: Biographical Detail

Paul Durcan's life is useful to know about when discussing his poetry.

Unlike most of the poets you are studying, the man is alive! 

A native of Dartmouth Square, Dublin 4, he is generously decorated with a variety of poetry awards.

He studied arts in UCD. Durcan tells of a a difficult relationship with his father, a judge, who used to physically punish him. He tells of having been bundled and taken to a psychiatric hospital against his will, being treated disrespectfully and the experience leaving him traumatised. He denies having been mentally ill. 

Durcan and his wife split up in 1977.

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