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Greater Dublin Area (GDA) for Leaving Cert Geography

Tip: I found it extremely beneficial to know this chapter inside out and back to front. There is more to write about the GDA in comparison with the West of Ireland, and the questions are often easier to get big marks in. There’s a good bit in this chapter, but much of it is common sense or things you’d hear about on the news. Be specific; learn exact figures regarding population, average temperatures etc. This is a critical piece of advice across the entire geography course, but particularly in the Regional section. 

Our Geography notes are coming soon, subscribe to our emails to get all the important updates (it's free and secure) Physical processes  Climate  Cool temperate maritime  Lower precipitation (compared to the WoI). 800-1000mm per year. In rain shadow of Dublin Mountains (which are 1200m high) Sunshine- 4 hours per day average Summer temperature- 16 degrees Celsius Winter temperature- 5 degrees Celsius Growing season- 270 days Relief
Lowland region- low, flat land Dublin…

The Great Gatsby Sample Answer & Notes: Idealism and Corruption

The following question came up on the 2015 Higher Level paper:

“It is possible to be both attracted to the idealism and repelled by the corruption evident in The Great Gatsby.” To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view? Support your answer with reference to the novel. 

The marking scheme directs examiners to give marks for discussions on the American Dream, decaying moral integrity, the role of social status, attitudes to wealth and the romantic relationships examined in the novel.
Yes, you, old sport

"I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted 
and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life"

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic piece presents a conflicted view of his characters and their actions. Nothing is quite black and white in The Great Gatsby... At least, not by the time you finish the book. The lives and views of his characters are complex, regardless of their social standing. Fitzgerald doesn’t attempt to oversimplify it for the reader. His multidimensional layered approach is one of the things that makes this novel live on. Therefore, I fully agree that the narrative provokes strong feelings, both admiration and repulsion, as the author explores the characters’ high idealism and ruthless corruption.

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