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HPAT Practice Exam with Solutions and Guide

Our HPAT guide and practice exam with brand new, unseen questions are made by a team of Irish-trained doctors with specialist input for various sections.

Only €29 

Contents: I. Concise tips and tricks for Section I, II and III  Section I: Logical Reasoning and Problem-Solving     Approaching the 3 main types of questions (abstraction of data, dependencies, graph, multiple graphics, scientific method, pure logic principles, common pitfalls, etc)
  Section II: Interpersonal Understanding     Dealing with words you don’t fully understand, choosing between two similar answers     Unwritten rules, beliefs and assumptions of empathetic behaviour
  Section III: Non-verbal Reasoning     Discussion of the main rules (various types of series)   Tricks to do better in all sections of the HPAT     An unsafe and controversial guide to acing multiple choice questions
II. Full practice exam - with elaborate explanations

Please note  the questions are mostly hard, some are very hard, but all are designe…

How To Improve Your Grade If Your Teacher Isn't Giving You Feedback

- How to write a strong introduction
- How to craft impactful sentences
- Common grammar, syntax and style problems
- How to stay relevant to the question
- Examples from Hamlet, Personal Essays, Stories, T.S. Eliot and Paul Durcan
- How to have a conversation with your teacher to get valuable feedback

625 points Leaving Cert Notes
Leaving Cert Sample Answers and Notes



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