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Biology 2018 Solutions for Leaving Cert Higher Level

You can access the paper via the website. No marking scheme is available at the time of writing. You may also like: Leaving Cert Biology.
Q1. (a) 1. To receive energy for cellular reactions to occur 2. For growth and repair  (b) Many sugar units joined together  (c) Cellulose  (d) Contains glycerol and three fatty acids  (e) Phospholipids are found in cell membranes  (f) Biuret test 
Q2. (a) Living factor  (b) The place where an organism lives  (c) All of the different populations living in an area  (d) All members of the same species living in an area  (e) The functional role of an organism in an ecosystem  (f) The part of the Earth that sustains life  (g) Checking for the presence or absence of an organism in an ecosystem 
Q3. (a) Interphase  (b) Cell division in which one cell becomes two cells and the number of chromosomes is retained. The genetic material of the daughter cell is identical to the mother cell.  (c)1. The chromosome number is halved in meiosis  2. Meiosis involves 2 c…

How to Do Well In The Leaving Cert

What is this all about? 
Coupled with the Snapchat Q&A, this guide is genuinely one of its kind. It contains tested actionable practical advice on how to succeed in studying for exams and performing in the Leaving Cert. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, it would be much easier for you to model somebody who has done it and talks about it with honesty. The guide addresses questions frequently asked by students such as how long they should study, how to stay motivated and cope with stress. It tackles common assumptions about what it takes to do well in the Leaving Cert. Some of the advice was recently featured by Transition Year Ireland: How to do well in the Leaving Cert: A Transition Year's guide (page 26-27 spread).

Who is it by? 
Martina has a keen interest in learning and student welfare. She is a medical doctor with experience in management consulting. Martina achieved 8 A1s in her own Leaving Certificate after only three years in the Irish secondary school system. She has a long and consistent record of excellent exam performance in areas as diverse as essay writing, laboratory work, medicine and professional finance. Martina and all the Leaving Cert high achievers involved in the project believe studying and exam performance are skills that can be learnt by anyone. 

Why do I need this? 
Besides advice, this guide contains a brutally honest account of Martina’s journey through the Leaving Cert. She recounts exactly what was going through her head as she faced these trials and what she did to cope with them. This guide can be read from start to finish or used as a reference. It is expected that the student would return to the guide multiple times as they polish off their study skills and if they are in need of motivation and guidance. This guide will help the student achieve his or her goals. The advice provided in the guide is tailored to the Leaving Cert. 
It will show you how to: 
✓ Strategise to maximise marks without burning out 
✓ Stop worrying and procrastinating 
✓ Stop writing copious notes and trying to memorise essays 
✓ Stop measuring your work by how much time you spent doing it 
✓ Stop staying up late studying 
✓ Set yourself up for Leaving Cert success 
In short, it is the guide we wish we had during our own Leaving Cert. 

How is this different from other study advice? 
There is a lot of advice out there, mostly it amounts to “study as much as possible, get organised, take breaks and stay positive” with the odd bit of scanty detail. This probably works about as well as telling people to eat less and exercise more... The advice provided in this guide is both practical and research-based. Martina argues against the obsession with notes and memorising. She goes through the steps required to understand and remember material for the Leaving Cert. 

I am in sixth year, is it too late to get it? 
It is absolutely useful for sixth year. You can pick this up in sixth year, fifth year or transition year: different tips will be relevant at different stages of your journey. 

How long is it? 
It is approximately 17,000 words or about 70 normal book pages. 

What if I am not happy with my purchase? 
Contact us within 2 weeks of purchase and we will issue a no qualms full refund plus an extra 10%. 

What is the price? 
Nine euro. 

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Can I print it out? 
Yes, everything on 625points is printable!

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From 2016, we started offering a personalised coaching service for Leaving Cert students that focuses on issues such as motivation, planning study, setting goals, managing stress and achievement. For more details, contact
leaving cert notes 625 points

leaving cert notes 625 points

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