A warm welcome! Our mission is to help Leaving Cert students achieve excellent results without having to re-invent the wheel through being exceptionally relevant having just victoriously come out of these battles ourselves. With first-hand experience of getting 625 points, we've been sharing what we've learnt about top-notch Leaving Cert performance. A well kept secret of Leaving Cert high performers, we share much of our content for free. With thousands of users, we are confident that our paid content is of unbeatable quality and relevance, setting you up for 625 points. Best of luck!


www.625points.com was created by students who, well... who got 625 points (or more) in their Leaving Cert. We are an ever-expanding group. 
Martina curates all material. She is a longtime devotee of all things academic and got 8 A1s in her Leaving Cert. You can see her full academic credentials and career track on LinkedIn.


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