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Cultural Context - I'm Not Scared, The Great Gatsby, All My Sons for Leaving Cert English #625Lab

“The world of a text, and how it affects the behaviour of central characters, can influence a reader’s response to the events that take place”.With the Comparative, you will end up covering the same points in many essays - but your angle really matters. The essay below tries really hard to fit a Literary Genre take onto a Cultural Context title. This greatly sabotages the all-important P of PCLM. Also, it's better to paraphrase than to misquote. You may also like: Complete Guide to Leaving Cert English (€). 
#625Lab (a) Discuss the extent to which this statement applies to at least one central character in one of the texts on your comparative course. Support your answer with reference to the text.
In light of the above statement, the film “I’m Not Scared” by Gabriel Salvatores contains central characters that are corrupt and immoral because of the world they live in. The world of the text is revealed through many aspects which I will discuss below. These aspects affected the cha…

HPAT Practice Exam with Solutions and Guide

HPAT practice questions solutions 2018

Our HPAT guide and practice exam with brand new, unseen questions are made by a team of Irish-trained doctors with specialist input for various sections.

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I. Concise tips and tricks for Section I, II and III

 Section I: Logical Reasoning and Problem-Solving

    Approaching the 3 main types of questions (abstraction of data, dependencies, graph, multiple graphics, scientific method, pure logic principles, common pitfalls, etc)

  Section II: Interpersonal Understanding

    Dealing with words you don’t fully understand, choosing between two similar answers
    Unwritten rules, beliefs and assumptions of empathetic behaviour

  Section III: Non-verbal Reasoning

    Discussion of the main rules (various types of series)

  Tricks to do better in all sections of the HPAT

    An unsafe and controversial guide to acing multiple choice questions

II. Full practice exam - with elaborate explanations

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Please note 
  • the questions are mostly hard, some are very hard, but all are designed to make you better at HPAT questions. Many students who sat the exam say that the questions they practiced elsewhere weren't as hard as the real exam. If you get bogged down in this exam, don't take it to mean you're completely unprepared. By even looking at it at all you are immediately more prepared for the real thing - and that's all that counts.
  • the guide is full of teaching points and serious information, however it is written in an informal toneWe figured you're scared enough as is.
  • we do not cover the Written English (UL applicants) section
  • there are no cartoons in Section 2
  • we are not affiliated with ACER and this is not an official guide or official practice exam
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Word count: ~30,900 words
Page count: 123 A4 pages
You will receive a download link to a printable PDF document immediately after purchase. There are no hard copies sent in the post.

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