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Brendan Kennelly for Leaving Cert English: Begin

"Begin" by Brendan KennellyYou may also like: 2019 Guide to Leaving Cert English. Full notes on Brendan Kennelly will be made available to everyone who has the 2019 guide, free of charge, as soon as they are ready.

Summary: a philosophical reflection on starting something new again and again communicated through the description of a morning walk across the Grand Canal in Dublin.

Style features:
anaphora (1) (highlighted in bold) adds a sense of determination as does the repetition of the word “begin” throughout the poemenjambment highlights the never ending need to begin again imperative tone, “begin again” is an encouraging command to never give up alliteration e.g. “dying in dark / determination” enhances the imageryreference to familiar places, “Pembroke Road” near the Aviva Stadium in Dublin 4, make the poem more accessibleimagery appeals to multiple senses: “summoning birds”, “sight of the light”, “roar of morning traffic”, “crying birds in the sudden rain”, “branches…

D.H. Lawrence for Leaving Cert English

Full notes on D.H. Lawrence covering his poems:

Call into Death
Piano (view sample)
The Mosquito
Delight of Being Alone
Absolute Reverence
What have they done to you
Bavarian Gentians

and a sample essay:

The Poetry of D.H. Lawrence – a personal journey.

Write a personal response to the poems by D.H. Lawrence on your course. Support your points with reference to the poetry on your course.

The author of the scandalous “Lady Chatterly’s Lover” fascinated me with his overwhelmingly honest beautiful poems. He addresses the conflicted relationship between man and nature in “The Mosquito” and “Snake” highlighting man’s pathetic sense of entitlement and weakness against her forces. He shows his softer side in “Piano” and feels guilty for his desire to escape - a concept familiar to any Leaving Cert student. “Intimates” offers us a glimpse into the most dramatic moments of the speaker’s emotional life. “Absolute Reverence” and “Delight of Being Alone” are deeply introspective personal poems. Lawrence’s unique ability to use aesthetic language without pretence to communicate deep insights and emotions makes him one of my favourite poets...

It is a 19 A4 page (6,400 word) PDF download with only the most relevant material for your English Higher Level H1. 

The notes give you lots of options in terms of the points you could make on each poem.

All notes are printable. You will receive a download link to your email straight after purchase.

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