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Brendan Kennelly for Leaving Cert English: Begin

"Begin" by Brendan KennellyYou may also like: 2019 Guide to Leaving Cert English. Full notes on Brendan Kennelly will be made available to everyone who has the 2019 guide, free of charge, as soon as they are ready.

Summary: a philosophical reflection on starting something new again and again communicated through the description of a morning walk across the Grand Canal in Dublin.

Style features:
anaphora (1) (highlighted in bold) adds a sense of determination as does the repetition of the word “begin” throughout the poemenjambment highlights the never ending need to begin again imperative tone, “begin again” is an encouraging command to never give up alliteration e.g. “dying in dark / determination” enhances the imageryreference to familiar places, “Pembroke Road” near the Aviva Stadium in Dublin 4, make the poem more accessibleimagery appeals to multiple senses: “summoning birds”, “sight of the light”, “roar of morning traffic”, “crying birds in the sudden rain”, “branches…

John Montague: Full Notes and Answer on Evocative Language to Express Empathy

“Montague makes effective use of evocative language to express a profound empathy with others.”

Discuss this statement, supporting your answer with reference to the poetry of John Montague on your course.

John Montague Full Notes and Answer on Evocative Language to Express Empathy

John Montague’s poetry offers a balanced perspective on human emotion told in a memorable way. I imagine John Montague as a very caring person: his poetry focuses on the most vulnerable in our society and their suffering in “The Wild Dog Rose” and “Like Dolmens Round My Childhood”. His warmth extends to other beings in “Killing the Pig”. The heart-wrenching narrative of his youth revealed through “The Locket” and “The Cage” is virtually free of blame; instead, it is full of kind understanding for the challenges his parents faced. The way these gentle feelings are presented is also beautiful: the attention to detail shown in his metaphors is striking. There is a distinct Yeatsian heritage in his love of Irish nature and culture. All the while, his poems are remarkably easy to read due to their clear intention and narrative structure.

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