The secret to writing great essays

Do you want to know a simple free lightning-fast way to improve your English grade?

Given the amount of writing you have to do for Leaving Cert English, you may as well be getting some use out of it for the future and for the all-important Results Day.

There is a secret to great writing. It's not that some people's pens just hit the paper in a more elegant way. It's not necessarily that they know more. They're not better people than you. The secret is... editing. 

Most excellent writers spend the lion's share of their time on editing. They are just better at mercilessly hacking and slashing through that first draft.

But wait, you cannot edit in the actual Leaving Cert exam. What now? 

Mmm, you can still kind of edit. In advance. No time travel required. How?

Go over your old essays. 

Not the ones that you've just written and are about to submit for correction, but old, corrected ones, ones that aren't fresh in your mind - and look out for bits that don't really make sense or sound well.  Having forgotten what you meant to say at the time, you will see your own work as if you're looking through someone else's eyes. Find just one thing that you can work on and change it for your next essay. You will be amazed at the results. 

Our #625Lab section is a good source for this kind of reflection.

Also remember these super-important tips for Leaving Cert English.

how to improve your writing for Leaving Cert English

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