Leaving Cert French opinion pieces: tips and tricks

Opinion questions can examine a wide range of topics such as racism, the environment, the government, technology, terrorism, the media, immigration, homelessness or drug and alcohol abuse 

  • Prepare some answers but be ready to tackle any kind of subject
  • The most important thing to remember when writing opinion pieces is to structure answers well
  • When reading the question, highlight the key words to keep your focus 
  • Make a very quick plan which includes an introduction, three short but strong argumentative points and a conclusion 
  • Express opinions, ideas and arguments using clear and concise vocabulary 
  • Leave some time at the end for spell and grammar checking 

Useful phrases: 

De nos jours – these days 
À mon avis – in my opinion 
Je pense – I think 
C’est vrai que – it’s true that 
Pour dire la vérité – to tell the truth 
Il faut – It is necessary 
Il est nécessaire – it is necessary 
Tout d’abord – firstly 
Puis – then 
Enfin – finally 
Malheureusement – unfortunately 
Cependant – however 
C’est un sujet brûlant – it’s a burning topic 
D’un autre coté – on the other hand 
En suite – then 
En conclusion – in conclusion 
Pour conclure – to conclude

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