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Greater Dublin Area (GDA) for Leaving Cert Geography

Tip: I found it extremely beneficial to know this chapter inside out and back to front. There is more to write about the GDA in comparison with the West of Ireland, and the questions are often easier to get big marks in. There’s a good bit in this chapter, but much of it is common sense or things you’d hear about on the news. Be specific; learn exact figures regarding population, average temperatures etc. This is a critical piece of advice across the entire geography course, but particularly in the Regional section. 

Our Geography notes are coming soon, subscribe to our emails to get all the important updates (it's free and secure) Physical processes  Climate  Cool temperate maritime  Lower precipitation (compared to the WoI). 800-1000mm per year. In rain shadow of Dublin Mountains (which are 1200m high) Sunshine- 4 hours per day average Summer temperature- 16 degrees Celsius Winter temperature- 5 degrees Celsius Growing season- 270 days Relief
Lowland region- low, flat land Dublin…

French in 90 words: The Eighth Amendment / Abortion

The Eighth Amendment (abortion) / Le huitième amendement (avortement)

À mon avis, le huitième amendement n'est qu'une campagne qui entraîne des disputes et des malentendus. Il s'agit du fait que l'état reconnait le droit de vie pas encore mise au monde et, tout en respectant le droit égal de vivre pour la mère, garantit de ses lois l'estime et, autant que possible, la protection et la défense de ce droit. Comment faut-il interpréter cette loi ? Certains croient que la loi défend uniquement le bébé. D'autres sont sûrs que les droits de l’enfant sont préférés tandis que ceux de la femme sont limités ou ignorés du tout. 

Je me suis opposé à toute loi discriminatoire qui interdit aux femmes de disposer de son destin.


Je me suis opposé à toute loi qui menace la vie de l’enfant qui n’est pas encore né.


le huitième amendement - the eighth amendment

une campagne qui entraîne des disputes et des malentendus - a campaign that leads to disputes and misunderstandings;

à peu près – nearly

mettre au monde – to give birth

...l'état reconnait le droit de vie pas encore mise au monde et, tout en respectant le droit égal de vivre pour mère, garantit de ses lois l'estime et, autant que possible, la protection et la défense de ce droit. - "The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right."

Comment faut-il interpréter ce règlement? - How should the regulations be interpreted?

le bébé - the baby

je me suis opposée à toute loi discriminatoire - I'm opposed any discriminatory legislation

disposer de son destin – to be in control of one’s destiny

You can get the full version of the French in 90 words here.

It is a 12,700 word pdf download covering over 30 important topics in a 90 words with vocab just like the above, making it super useful for both the written and the oral!


a. What has changed in Ireland in recent years? 
b. Recession 
c. Sexism 
d. Women’s role in society 
e. School subjects 
   1. English 
      a. I like English 
      b. I dislike English 

f. Smoking 
g. Addiction. Alcoholism. 
h. Addiction. Drugs. 
i. Health. Obesity. 
j. Violence, crime and delinquency 
n. Terrorism 
o. Politics 
p. Are we dependent on the media? 
q. What are the advantages of advertising? 
r. What are the disadvantages of advertising? 
s. What are the issues that concern you the most? 
  1. The cult of death and mortality in young people 
  2. The threat of the lack of fresh water 
  3. Processed foods 
  4. I miss having friendship 
t. What do you think of the Irish Leaving Cert? 
u. Is verbal or physical harassment or cyberbullying present in your school/in Ireland? 
v. Are you dependent on new technologies, such as the internet, iPad, mobile phone, etc? 
w. Can you live without your mobile phone? 
x. Culture and art 
y. Do you do any sports? Do you think everyone should do sports? 
z. How destructive is doping to the spirit of sports? 
a1. Fashion
b1. Social problems in France
c1. Inequality in Ireland
d1. Racism in Ireland
e1. Immigration in Ireland
f1. The European Union
g1. Globalisation
h1. The Eighth Amendement
i1. Third World
j1. Sport and money

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