Complete Guide: H1 Leaving Cert Biology Notes and Sample Answers

This guide aims to replace a revision course for Biology at Higher Level.
We know how hard it can be, and it is our passion to make it easier for the students who come after us. Our team, composed of people who got 625+ points, distilled our own best notes, past paper answers and tips on each part of the course - so that you don't have to fight these battles on your own or reinvent the wheel. Whether you want 625 points, or to simply maximise your points, this will - guaranteed - have useful insights to make your life easier. This guide is suitable for both 2017 and 2018.

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What's inside?

Every topic comes with past paper answers. Please note that the diagrams are hand drawn - just like in the real exam:

The characteristics of life

The scientific method

Variation and evolution


Cell diversity

Cell structure

Monera (Bacteria)




Genetic crosses

Genetic engineering

Diffusion and osmosis




Classification and heredity


Cell division


Structure of flowering plants

Plant responses

Vegetative propagation

Sexual reproduction in flowering plants

Transport, food storage & gas exchange in flowering plants


The lymphatic system


The heart and blood vessels


Human defence system

Human breathing

Human Nutrition

The nervous system

The senses

The endocrine system

The skeletal system and muscles

Human reproduction

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Can I print it?
Yes. All notes are printable.

Intended to replace a revision course, it is a 165 A4 page (33,000 word) document with only the most relevant material for your Biology Higher Level exam. You can use it as a reference, or read it start to finish.

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leaving cert notes biology

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