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This guide aims to replace a revision course for Physics at Higher Level.
We know how hard it can be, and it is our passion to make it easier for the students who come after us. Our team, composed of people who got 625+ points, distilled our own best notes, past paper answers and tips on each part of the course - so that you don't have to fight these battles on your own or reinvent the wheel. Whether you want 625 points, or to simply maximise your points, this will - guaranteed - have useful insights to make your life easier. This guide is suitable for both 2017 and 2018.

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What's inside? See the detailed breakdown:
  1. Introduction
    1. Preamble
    2. Principle of Conservation  of Energy
    3. Vectors and Scalars
    4. Units and Dimensional Analysis
  2. Mechanics
    1. Linear Accelerated Motion 
    2. Forces and Newton’s Laws
    3. Density and Pressure
    4. Gravitation 
    5. Moments and Equilibrium
    6. Work, Energy, and Power
    7. Uniform Circular Motion
    8. Simple Harmonic Motion
  3. Heat
    1. Heat, Temperature, and Thermometers
    2. Specific Heats and Heat Transfer
  4. Light 1:  Geometrical Optics
    1. Reflection
    2. Spherical Mirrors
      1. How Images Are Formed in Concave Mirrors
      2. How Images Are Formed in Convex Mirrors
    3. Refraction
      1. Total Internal Reflection
      2. Optical Fibres
    4. Lenses
      1. How Images Are Formed in Convex Lenses
      2. How Images Are Formed in Convex Lenses
    5. The Eye - Biology
  5. Light 2:  Waves, Sound and The Electromagnetic Spectrum
    1. Waves
    2. Sound 
    3. The Wave Nature of Light
  6. Electricity and Magnetism
      1. Static Electricity
      2. Current Electricity
      3. Chemical Effect of an Electric Current
      4. Electricity in the Home
      5. Semiconductors 
      6. Magnetism 
      7. Electromagnetic Induction
  7. Modern Physics
      1. The Electron
      2. The Photoelectric Effect 
      3. X-Rays
      4. Radiation
      5. Fission, Fusion, and Nuclear Energy
      6. Particle Physics
  8. Proportionality, Equality and Graphs
    1. Some Co-ordinate Geometry
    2. Direct Proportion
    3. Inverse Proportion
    4. Indirect Proportion
    5. Graphs
  9. Mandatory Experiments Notes
    1. To Measure Velocity and Acceleration
    2. To  Verify  that the Acceleration of a Body is Directly Proportional to the Force Acting on it
    3. To Verify the Principle of Conservation  of Momentum
    4. To  Verify Boyle’s Law
    5. To Investigate the Laws of Equilibrium for a Set of Coplanar Forces
    6. To Investigate the Relationship Between the Period and Length for a  Simple Pendulum and Hence Calculate g 
    7. To Find the Specific Heat Capacity of Water or a Liquid
    8. To Measure the Specific Latent Heat of Fusion  of Ice
    9. To Measure the Specific Latent Heat of Vaporisation  of Water
    10. To Measure the Speed of Sound  in Air
    11. To Investigate the Variation of the Frequency of a Stretched String or Wire with Length and Tension
    12. To Measure the Focal Length of a  Concave Mirror
    13. To Measure the Focal length of a  Converging Lens
    14. To Measure the Refractive Index of a  Liquid (Water)
    15. To Verify Snell’s Law and Hence Find the Refractive Index of a Solid (Glass)
    16. To measure the Wavelength of Monochromatic Light
  10. Exam Advice
  11. Sample Answers: are currently being made. They will be sent out to you as a free add on as soon as they are ready.
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Intended to replace a revision course, it is a 158 A4 page (31,000 word) document with only the most relevant material for your Physics Higher Level A1. You can use it as a reference, or read it start to finish.

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