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Biology 2018 Solutions for Leaving Cert Higher Level

You can access the paper via the website. No marking scheme is available at the time of writing. You may also like: Leaving Cert Biology.
Q1. (a) 1. To receive energy for cellular reactions to occur 2. For growth and repair  (b) Many sugar units joined together  (c) Cellulose  (d) Contains glycerol and three fatty acids  (e) Phospholipids are found in cell membranes  (f) Biuret test 
Q2. (a) Living factor  (b) The place where an organism lives  (c) All of the different populations living in an area  (d) All members of the same species living in an area  (e) The functional role of an organism in an ecosystem  (f) The part of the Earth that sustains life  (g) Checking for the presence or absence of an organism in an ecosystem 
Q3. (a) Interphase  (b) Cell division in which one cell becomes two cells and the number of chromosomes is retained. The genetic material of the daughter cell is identical to the mother cell.  (c)1. The chromosome number is halved in meiosis  2. Meiosis involves 2 c…

Complete Guide: H1 Leaving Cert French Notes and Sample Answers

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French in 90 words is a concise version of the full notes

We're very excited to present the French revision notes for Higher Level. See the full contents below. This is a distilled set of notes with A1 past paper answers. It is 217 A4 pages (36,700 words) of only the most relevant insights for your A1. We know how hard it can be, and it is our passion to make it easier for current students. Our team, composed of people who got 625+ points, distilled our own best notes, sample answers and tips, so that you don't have to fight these battles on your own or reinvent the wheel. Whether you want 625 points, or to simply maximise your points, this will - guaranteed - have useful insights to make your life easier.

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Exam overview and general tips 
Section 1: Compréhension écrite 
Tips and tricks 
Grammar revision 
2015 Samples 
2016 Samples 
Section 2: Production Écrite 
French in 90 words 
Are we dependent on the media? 
What are the advantages of advertising? 
What are the disadvantages of advertising? 
What are the issues that concern you the most? 
The cult of death and mortality in young people 
The threat of the lack of fresh water 
Processed foods 
I miss having friendship 
What do you think of the Irish Leaving Cert? 
Is verbal or physical harassment or cyberbullying present in your school/in Ireland? 
Are you dependent on new technologies, such as the internet, iPad, mobile phone, etc? 
Can you live without your mobile phone? 
Culture and art 
Do you do any sports? Do you think everyone should do sports? 
How destructive is doping to the spirit of sports? 
Social problems in France 
Inequality in Ireland 
Racism in Ireland 
Immigration in Ireland 
The European Union 
Third World 
Sport and money 
Section 2: Opinion Pieces and Vocab 
Useful phrases, tips and tricks 
The environment 
Homelessness and addiction 
The media and advertising 
The elderly 
The government 
Technology and social networks 
Choosing a career 
(2016) Science vs languages 
(2016) Multiculturalism - can also be used for opinion piece 
(2016) Recit – unexpected email 
(2016) Siblings 
(2016) 1916 Commemoration 
(2015) Recit – woken suddenly in the middle of the night 
(2015) Nomophobia 
(2015) Voting at 16 
(2015) Pocket Money 
Section 2: Personal pieces 
Diary entry: tips and tricks 
Diary entry: sample answer (2015) 
Diary entry: sample answer (2016) 
Informal letter/ Email: tips and tricks 
Informal letter/ Email: sample answer (2015) 
Formal letter: tips and tricks 
Formal letter: sample answer (2015) 


Aural exam tips and tricks 
Aural: 2016 Sample Answers 
Aural: 2015 Sample Answers 
Oral exam: 
Exam layout 
General tips and tricks 
The document 
Personal Vocab: Myself and family 
Personal Vocab: My school and future 
Personal Vocab: My pastimes
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Can I print it? 
Yes. All notes are printable.

Intended to replace a revision course, it is a 217 A4 page (36,700 words) document with only the most relevant material for your French Higher Level A1. You can use it as a reference, or read it start to finish.

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