Leaving Cert Results, Scripts, Appeals and CAO Offers

Results day

Results come out on 17th August 2016. Results are issued to the school. They are also available online on examinations.ie from midday on results day. To access this you will need a PIN and examination number. If you are an external candidate, they are issued to you directly. You calculate your result by adding up the points for your top six subjects. An additional 25 points is given for passing Higher Level Maths at any grade.

Grade        Higher Level      Ordinary Level       Foundation
     A1                    100                        60                      20
     A2                     90                         50                      15
     B1                     85                         45                      10
     B2                     80                         40                       5
     B3                     75                         35
     C1                     70                         30
     C2                    65                          25
     C3                    60                          20
     D1                    55                          15
     D2                    50                          10
     D3                    45                            5

What’s next

The State Examination Commission operates a helpline for school for the first week after results are out. External candidates who cannot go through this process can contact them directly. Also, the National Parents' Council organises a helpline for students and parents. They are also available in the week after CAO offers come out. They are both contactable on 1800 265 165.

If you aren’t happy – view the script and/or appeal. Should you need to view the script, you have to view it in person. Keep that in mind while making holiday plans. The scripts will be made available in the venue where you sat the exam. To view the script you need to fill out an Application forms for Viewing Scripts. There will be a personalised form enclosed with your results. They are also available online. Watch out for the deadlines, they are usually quite tight - 23rd August 2016. The service is free. The official info on viewing scripts is available from the SEC. You will view the scripts on 2nd-3rd September.

You can view the script with one other person. Only written and aural exam results are available.

CAO offers come out the week after results: August 22nd 20016

The CAO publishes very clear and strict handbook. All the information regarding offers is sourced directly through the CAO.  You have to accept your Round 1 offer by 17:15 pm 29th August. Round two offers are posted out on 31st August 2016 and have to be accepted by 7th September. An important point to remember is that accepting a Round 1 offer doesn't preclude you from getting a more desired Round 2 (or subsequent) offer, but this invalidates the Round 1 offer. Similarly, accepting a Level 6/7 offer doesn't stop you from getting a Level 8 offer.

Appealing results

Your script will be marked by an appeal examiner who is different to the original examiner who marked your work. The same marking scheme is used as before. Results can be downgraded on appeal. The number of downgrades is usually very small compared to the number of upgrades. The appeal results come out in mid-October.  It is not necessary to view the script to appeal.

To initiate the appeals process you need to fill out a form and pay a fee, 40 euro as standard or 15.50 for Leaving Cert Applied. The State examination commission provide schools with a personalised appeal application form. In the case of external candidates the form will be enclosed with the results. Fees are paid in advance and returned if the result is upgraded. Payment is by bank giro or online. There is also on online service and the form must be printed. The closing date is usually in early September, 7th September 2016 this year. If there is an error in assigning a grade to match your marks (i.e. an administrative error rather than relating to assigning or adding up marks), the Organising Superintendent at the location where you view your scripts can provide a Form AP1. If you are in doubt though, appeal, because this AP1 process isn’t a route to an appeal. The final results and CAO offers will be made in mid-October.

Every care has been taken to ensure that this information is accurate, but it is subject to change. Please refer to the SEC, CAO and your school for the most accurate information.

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